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Buying or investing property in Dubai?

Dubai a popular destination for property investors and individuals. is your Dutch partner for buying new build properties in Dubai.

We guide you from A to Z.
From finding a suitable real estate project, to buying it.

We also offer many additional services, from custom furnishing to rentals. This makes the property immediately ready for occupancy, rental or sale.

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VIP Projects has direct lines of communication with property developers located in Dubai.

Because of these close ties, we can proudly offer you VIP spots.
VIP spots on the projects to which they apply have very limited availability.

Buying property or home in Dubai?

Due to the rapid turnover, the offer changes weekly. For the latest offer, please contact our team.

The specialist team at will be happy to assist you.

Together with you, we will realise your dream home!

The benefits of property ownership in Dubai

High efficiency

High returns: The Dubai property market often offers attractive returns on investment, making it an attractive option for investors.

Tax benefits

Dubai is known for its favourable tax regime. There are no income taxes on rental income and profits from property sales. This means investors can keep their full returns, resulting in a higher ROI.


Dubai is an attractive destination for expats from all over the world. The large population of expats creates a strong demand for rental properties, especially in popular areas. This results in attractive rental income and a stable return on investment.


Security and political stability: Dubai enjoys a high degree of security and political stability, reassuring investors seeking capital protection.

Investment climate

The Dubai government has actively taken measures to encourage foreign investment. Foreign investors can acquire property in certain "Freehold zones" without restrictions.


Dubai is a booming economy with a diversification of sectors such as tourism, trade, finance and technology. This strong economic growth contributes to the increase in property values and provides numerous opportunities for investors.


World-class infrastructure Dubai is known for its modern and high-quality infrastructure, including well-developed roads, airports, ports and other facilities that contribute to property values.

High-end projects

Dubai is famous for its iconic real estate projects, such as the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. These projects attract tourists and investors, increasing the value of nearby properties.


The Dubai real estate market is characterised by a stable and reliable legal framework. Investors enjoy strong property rights and transparent rules that ensure the safety of their investment.

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